Loyalty Card... "Number"


Your loyalty number is unique to you and is recognized by every Bosca Pizza kiosk/ distributor.

For 10 pizzas purchased, the 11 th is free!

During ordering, the machine will ask you if you have a loyalty number (different from a reduction voucher). If you answer no, the machine will ask if you want one and then release the number on a ticket at the end along with your card ticket.

On this ticket, you will find the loyalty number and the number of pizzas you’ve ordered. Once you reach the 10th pizza, it will be reset to 0.

Enter your receipt on the mobile app or keep it in a safe place. You will need it to get your 11 th free pizza!

Once your loyalty number is created, every time the machine asks if you have one, answer yes. Then type the code that the machine gave you during the preceding order on the EPT (electronic payment terminal). The machine automatically knows your number of pizzas. If you reached the 11 th , it will offer you one or you can save it for your next order!

When creating your loyalty number, and you don’t get a ticket after the pizza you ordered there may be an issue with the printer or the paper. Do not hesitate to send us a message with the place, time, date, and number of pizzas ordered. We will find your loyalty number and send it to you by text message.